Bots are generally welcome on EsperNet provided that they are well behaved and adhere to our charter. If you are planning to bring a bot into a channel it is advisable that permission is sought from the channel operator before-hand, especially for interactive bots. Bots which emit large quantities of text should be set +v or higher; this allows slightly higher flood limits.

EsperNet is intended for conversation between people. Channels whose primary purpose is for bots to communicate between each other are prohibited.

Under no circumstances are spam bots, clone bots, or abusive bots permitted on any server in the network. Bots which fail to comply with this policy may be removed from EsperNet without warning. If in doubt, please drop by #DragonWeyr and chat with us about it.

Bridge bots

These are bots that bridge IRC with some other form of chat, such as in-game chat or other IRC networks.

Channel management bots

Similar to chanserv, these are used to control and moderate channels. A typical example is the eggdrop bot.

Game bots

These bots typically host multi-player games and normally only run when triggered in-channel.